David is an accomplished composer and musician who plays a variety of interesting tribal instruments from around the world including Mhupe (a bowed bow of the Bushmen), marimba, pan pipes, bamboo flutes, Berimbau, Kolongo (west african broomstick guitar) as well as guitars, keyboard, sound engineering …

David is the composer for Shamanzi.

David’s initiations in the Andes mountains of Peru in the late 1980’s led to an awakening to the deeper aspects of Sound & indigenous trance instruments. 

In the mid 1990’s Davide played with Asazi & co-founded electro-organic Nagual, has gigged with Madala Kunene, Kwangoma & founded Shamanzi for Awesome Africa 2001.

David has spent many of his years living out of the cities on the land. He surfs & is a father of 1 beautiful child. He is also a Massage Therapist who sees through his fingertips. He has a fine sensitivity to sound and has been observing the effects that it has on human beings for 2 decades & works also with Sound Healing .He is an accomplished Artist. He works with the ‘Medicine of the Mask’ & is an instrument builder.

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