Sound Journey Circles

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We have been asked before what tradition we follow… In 2000 a small group of us were gathered at Rustlers Valley after the Easter festival, when 9 of the planets in our system were lined up in the sky. Credo Mutwa was visiting too & one day he called us to come to him and hear his stories.. it was facinating! He told us about the various other worldly being he has encountered, the star nations. Then he said to us that he has great respect for our ‘tribe’ as a people for we have no tradition, no Elders to guide us in the ways of ceremony, in the ways of a medicine person of the people.. yet we gathered are medicine people, so we have to find our own way.. It is not the easy path, he said.. but he and the Edlers of many other old traditions like his, are watching us with excitement and prayer as we strike out into the unknown to find and create new ways. David and I are 2 of that groupe, we weren’t together yet, but we knew one another. David’s daughter was 1, my first son was conceived the next day. It has been and is a challenging path, much of which we have both had to wear masks and work in the sacred space of the stage/cirque circle to get the good work done in the world under the guise of performance arts..

We have many teachers and have learned much and continue to do so on a daily bases. Sound, Dance & the Spiritual world that dwells in nature and beyond, and the mirror of each other have been our greatest teachers. We have at times worked with medicine plants,David more than me. We have used dance to access trance to journey deep within ourselves to learn, grow and heal, me more than David.

We have both used Sound to facilitate healing space for individuals and for groups of folk, and from a stage, both working together, individually and with others before and since we became a couple.. Me starting in 1999, David in 1989.

David has dived very deeply into the study of Sound, tone, pitch, rhythm, breath, stretch, movement, the stars and planetary systems, quantum physics, sacred geometry over many years.David is a composer, a dancer, an artist, a surfer. David is super sensitive, he feels all he studies within his body being deeply. He is not a normal man, he is an Angelic Elf.

I have dived very deeply into being a hollow reed to allow voices, characters, sounds to sing through me and move me..I am a Clown, the channel type without scripts. I have learned to create and hold Sacred Space, to see and hear clear guidance within it, I do as I’m told. My areas of study also include working with the rainbow labyrinth, the 3rd temple geometry(same as medicine wheel), the crystal skulls, leylines and Earth healing. I never walk alone when I work, many unseens walk with me.

Shamanzi = Shaman (medicine person who works with Sound to access healing states)+ Amanzi(water). Shamanzi is to us a being, it is a Sound unfolding and birthing into the World, it is a great responsibility, it is unique and powerful, it is a water healing symphonic, it is healing water within us dwelling strongly and through us expressed and shared, it is melody, rhythm, story,breath, colour, movement, harmony, screeching, instruments,voices,… We play Shamanzi from a stage and now offer it into circle space. Shamanzi is within every Being who is alive!

This is why we called the circles Shamanzi…because it’s not just us, it’s us and the medicine we have been blessed to carry, and asked to share, and the medicine’s common factor is Sound.

All of Life is Vibration, it is Sound

Our guides lately are calling us to share our light, gifts, healing without masks in Circle space, we are told this will help to prepare us for what is coming next for our work in the world and must be able to do it without masks, and must fine-tune the messages/teachings we have to share and how to present them. We can’t do this without the Circle.. so once again we thank you, we thank each other!

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